I think I've been talking about El Nido and Puerto Prinsesa since I started posting here.. that is because I love the place so much.  Everything about Palawan, I love it; the islands and other beautiful sceneries, the people, the food(?), I barely talk about food, but when we ate in an eatery in El Nido, we found just the same dishes we cook in Manila, and Taytay.. they were cooked a bit different but they taste good, just a bit expensive though for an eatery.  And we always go for the cheaper ones.. gotta save money as much as we could.. even when it comes to souvenirs: 3 for 100!

We're also hoping to visit Coron this year, and as our tour guides praised Coron as the most beautiful part of Palawan, and the ever controversial Culion island.. I haven't stopped thinking about it.  There's this strange excitement I feel about Palawan compared to our other trips.. maybe because I know I'd be surprised, and Palawan do have a lot of surprises.  Those islands were different in every form, they have different characteristics, and they're all stunning!  And I will never forget how difficult it was for most of us, especially me, to get into and out of the Secret Lagoon or Secret Beach.  Maybe if it wasn't for the strong waves (it's been raining), it could have been easier, and I don't know how to swim so that's a huge thing!  I know right!  I love beaches, I love water, but I can't fully enjoy it.  Yeah, I'm just so pathetic like that.  But I did enjoy every moment I spent in that lagoon even if that tiny entrance gave me/us a hard time because it was all worth it!

My camera also doesn't know how to swim so I just took one of my friend's photos.  I hope you don't mind.

El Nido Palawan
photo credit to Vanessa
That is the entrance to the lagoon.  Aside from it's tiny, parts of it are sharp and the waves make it more difficult for us to go through.  And one of us got hurt on our way out.  That fucking wave!  I'm telling you, it's cruel.

There's a lot more places that I'd love to visit here in the Philippines, especially in the Visayans and Mindanao regions.  But if there's a chance that I could step into a foreign country, I'd totally grab it.  To explore the world is a huge dream, but to have a glance of even a few of it is enough for me.  Maybe I could start with Japan.  I've been seeing and hearing a lot of great things about them and I would like to see them myself.  There could be a chance that we, Filipinos, could enter Japan without a visa, and that would totally rock if they do lift it.. besides, we've been good friends since Rizal.

I was talking about Jose Rizal, our national hero, he fought everyone using his brain.  He's got a lot of Japanese girlfriends you know.  I don't know why I'm saying this, maybe because I just haven't had enough sleep since I started this shit.  Sorry.

But I live in Rizal.. Taytay, Rizal.  And there's one place here that is so cool, everyone wants a piece of it especially during summer: The Club Manila East in Taytay, Rizal.  But because one can not please everyone, you'd see a lot negative reviews; well they don't allow outsider foods and drinks, but there are restaurants.. a bit expensive, but what can you expect? that's business.  There are fast food chains around the area so you still have other options.  You'd be wearing a wristband anyway so you can get in and out of the resort anytime.  Just as long as you brought a car, that'd be no problem.

They've got at least 10 pools; 3 beach waves and each with different wave lengths, the 3rd used for surfing.  There is an adult pool with a giant 3-looped slide, kiddie pool with waterfalls and fountains,
bean-shaped pool, there's a lap pool, there's this buzzy river, there's a boating area for kayaking which is my favorite, and there's a 14-feet diving pool.  They also have a 320 meter zip line which costs Php150 a ride, but they could have made this a little cheaper because everything has already been expensive.. you know, just a thought.  They also hold surfing events there, I think every year, but we haven't seen it.  It can get crowded so make sure to be on the place really early so you could still enjoy the pools for long.

Club Manila East Taytay

Club Manila East Taytay


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