So I was listening to my playlist in full volume, almost full, because not only the quality of the music will be crashed, but my eardrums too when I put it on full blast.  I still love my ears.
And so the Paramore played; When it Rains and The Only Exception, and it came back to me.. when I used to really love them.  When I was literally head over heels, and yeahh, I had a girl crush on Hayley Williams.  But it all changed when the band broke up.  They continued making music, but it wasn't the same anymore.. it has become too pop for me.  Well ok, I kinda like Ain't it Fun, but that's all.

So I was lucky to see them perform live before they broke up.  But that too I don't have photos of.  My brother and I were on the veeeeeeeery last part of the concert ground in MOA.  And they were super awesome.  The people too, they were all singing on every songs; shouting on every lyrics and dancing.. that night was so lovely.  They called it "Para-Thrilla in Manila"

Para-Thrilla in Manila

I'm not going to give the list of songs they played that day, instead I'll give the list of songs I still have of them: the classics.

Paramore by nevetessa on Grooveshark