1.  music

2.  a 10-min nap in the office --ooh fresh feeling

fresh feeling - eels #nowplaying

3.   smooth manageable hair - something that I don't get to experience everyday though..

4.   a book you've been dying to read

5.   a superb book you just finished reading

6.   finding money in your pocket that you forgot about

7.   the elevator arriving the second you push the button

8.   no stopover at the elevator (express trip)

9.   having a comfortable seat in fx taxi

10. when your cat snuggles you especially when you just arrived from the office

11. when you see cats snuggling

cats snuggling
photo credit to Marcj at Randomography
12. when you're outside and the weather is just right

13. getting retweets or favorites

14. cute shirt

15. popping bubble wrap

16. a perfect coffee - maybe nothing's perfect, but a coffee could be.. if you know what i mean.

17. sleeping in clean fresh sheets

18. personal-made sandwiches shared with friends  :)

19. sunset and sunrise

20. a good shot of sunset and/or sunrise

sunset at Minalungao National Park

sunrise at Baguio

21. approved vacation leave

22. something funny that makes you laugh out loud

23. when it starts raining the second after you got home

24. avocado ice cream

25. getting comments and +1s from my dear reader(s)  :>