I accidentally clicked on my Pottermore bookmark and I was quite amazed by the news that this lovely owl brought me!  Now, this is the kind of surprise that I love!  Ok, I'm going to enjoy Pottermore for the night!

I'm a Ravenclaw by the way, and for the first time we're going to enjoy the perks which includes an access to the game before the other houses.. that's amazing!  :D

I might not have contributed that much, because I'm not good at dueling nor at brewing.. but I do motivate them, and I hope we win again!  *sneaks at the Great Hall* OH, LOOK AT THE SCORE!!!

My apologies for the exclamations.  :D

Ok, I got excited that I thought of doing a screenshot of the first moment.. and a Bertie Bott's chilli-flavoured bean, and dried Billywig stings were to be collected together with that fluffy cushion. ;)