That is not an exaggeration when I said "one of the best lunch breaks we've ever had!" because this really was one of the best.  And yes, you can tell that we don't get to experience super great food (that is super expensive -- no matter, we didn't pay for it) that much, and we thank the birthday boy for bringing us to that uber awesome Thai restaurant.  But no, I'm not going to mention the name, but they're located in Greenbelt.. and no, this is not a food review.

So I'll just post them awesome photos and let them tell the story..

Alright, these desserts are pretty awesome, but if I'm going to rate them according to their sugar level and how much I love them; that chocolate cake with ice cream is my top favorite.. followed by that mango cheesecake on the top and then that meringue with mango (not their actual or full names).  But you know what, well all agreed that that scoop of ice cream really was the reason why we loved that chocolate cake the most.  That ice cream was like heaven.. we will ask for just that ice cream alone next time.

Walking back to the office haven't been that difficult..
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand MARAMING SALAMAT!  :>