That already states "city wins!" in the topic "country vs city"

But I can't say that I live in the city because Taytay probably is not a city, but I think it's getting there, maybe in 10 years?  It's near the city.. like 30 minutes near.. and no, there are no farms, although a little bit mountain, yeah.  But I do work in the city, and I've been working in the city for years.  And I can not imagine working somewhere with no tall buildings, uber hot environment because less trees, and the traffic, I learned to live with it.. but not love it.

Also, my job is only offered best in the city, although there's this one time that I was offered this amazing opportunity to work in a resort in an island, in Coron, in Palawan! to become their only seo specialist/web designer.  I turned it down, even if I haven't got the job.  My reason was I wasn't ready to leave the city, to leave my family and friends, and to leave the gigs because that was time I was sort of just starting to go to bars and events and see my favorite bands play and I can not give that up.  I was that shallow, I know.

But what if I did get the job; I could have been super tan, with dreads, with long sleeve tattoos and/or huge tattoo at the back (I don't know what design.. huge owl with something else, maybe), tunnels on both sides.. or maybe not, dancing hula while optimizing their beautiful website.  Then I'll be back to my family in two years with their faces saying "what the hell happened to you???"... "I love your dreads though".

And these are the reasons why I cannot leave the city and work somewhere peaceful..

I may have been mentioning "city" many times here but working in the city gives me enough money to travel and experience the different places and events in my country.  Spending a few days in these lovely places where there's no traffic, no pollution, no annoying noise, no annoying faces (harhar), great sunset and sunrise, lots of stars.. make me love the city again when I come back.

I planned to share that EK experience, but I saw this topic and thought I'll do it instead even if I'm not sure if I'm doing it right.

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