It all started with the news, the heartbreaking news that Kamikazee, one of our favorite bands has decided to go on indefinite hiatus.  So my friends and I went to one of their last gigs which was ok.. it was ok but we really wanted to hear more.  The more, the more the merrier.. as they say.

But that's not the shit I was talking about.  It's about the small incidents which created a somewhat big impact on me.. and uh.. yeah, they're the results of my stupidity and my being maarte.

So I told my friends that I'll just wait for them in the venue instead of the meeting place we all agreed on (because I was excited like that.. also because it started as early as 5pm).  And so I did what everyone else was doing; listening to the music being played by the artists/bands behind the high walls in the Sunken Garden.  Actually, the stage was in a very low area that everyone outside could still see who were performing.

After almost 2 hours of waiting and them updating/texting of their whereabouts, they came..  but we still had to find each other.  I told them I'm in this and this area, but there were too many people and the place wasn't well lit that we missed the other friend's favorite band.. hihi, sorry.  But before we got inside and before finding each other's faces, I was trapped in a very thick muddy puddle which I thought was a quicksand!  I felt so stupid, I thought I won't be able to get out of there.. and my feet got deeper as I move!  I think I sank about 6 inches.. and nobody even helped!

I thought I would go home without the other pair of my shoe/sandals because it's stuck.  It felt like everyone's eyes were on me, enjoying the scene of the poor little girl fighting her way out of the mud.. thankfully it's a bit dark, and it happened behind a vehicle.  I survived, I had to.. I still need to see Kamikazee in their last performance.  So I fixed myself while talking to my friend on the phone who was searching for me and me searching for her and the other friend and her boyfriend searching for us.  By the way, that whole quick sand incident happened while I was talking to my friend on the phone.. I didn't notice, I was that stupid, and maarte.

Moving on.. I continued searching for them, and them searching for me, and the super long line to the entrance wasn't the long line I thought it was.. I thought it's for the ticket.  But in the end, it was I who was able to cut into the line nearest the entrance and pulled them in (I'm a fucking ninja, that's why).

So we got in.. at around 9pm, we got in.

We missed the 3 bands we wanted to see.. but for me, I was there just for Kamikazee.  But don't get me wrong, the performances from the other bands were all good, they're all great, and I liked the set of Moonstar88.

Kamikazee performed last, which was expected.  Everyone jumped and sang and/or screamed (mostly high pitched because they're all kids), and enjoying the possible last moment with their favorite band.. and god, that was it?

Going home, we decided to walk up to the bus stop.. it was a bad decision.  My feet wanted to give up in the middle of the street.. it's not that they're so fucking tired, but my shoes/sandals aren't for long walks.  I ended up wrapping my toes with band aids (thankfully my friend has) as we reach the end of the trail which was the most comfortable bench in Mercury Drug store.  I gave my feet a few minutes rest before hopping on the bus and bidding each other goodbyes, wishing that we could still have energy to go the office afterwards because we're good citizens of the Philippines.. but I'm not.

At 4:30 in the morning, I was home, looking at how fucked up my feet and toes were.  You could always say I'm over reacting.. but how boring the words could be if I say they were fine?

UP Fair 2015

That's the only shot I got.. from my phone.  I should have brought the camera, I know.