Do you know what it's like when people treat you like a real photographer even if you're just holding a digital camera?  

this friendly local

I was approached by this guy (picture above) to take a picture of him when he saw me taking a picture of a beautiful scene in their area.  I was flattered.  It hasn't happened before.  Normally, it was I who would kind of ask for their permission for their photo to be taken by pointing my camera to them, and then they will pose or simply smile.. like those group of rappers in Anawangin and the little girl and his brother in Minalungao National Park in Nueva Ecija (below).


this little girl

I do love taking people's pictures, especially strangers' pictures.. but it's not easy to approach people and pretend like you're a photographer and/or just steal their private moments.  So it's really important to examine people first, like read their faces.. see if they're up for it, or not.  But that guy who approached me and asked me to take a picture of him didn't ask for anything in return.