This pretty (I don't know if a lady or a gentleman) walked slowly in my direction.. straight under the bench where I was sitting and sat like a royalty.  I noticed his/her eyes have different colors; gold and blue.  I thought it was just the sun and/or my eyes were playing tricks on me (like how some people got confused about a damn dress' color), but they were really two colors; gold and blue.  

He/she got prettier in my eyes.  His/her soft, shiny, white fur which I tried to touch but he/she just won't let me added to his/her gorgeousness.. so I did my best to get his/her best angle. 

I was sitting awkwardly on the bench or more like lying (trying to take his/her picture), not giving a fuck about everybody around me.. I was on an important mission.

I think I got what I needed.. or so I thought.

I told my brother about this but he clearly said that he had seen one.  My excitement to show him the photo of the prettiest cat I've seen slowly burned down.  He said our neighbor have one...  

Why haven't I seen it?