I'm a huge fan of sunrise and sunset shots.  Whenever I get a chance to shoot some beautiful scene in the sky so beautiful I can't take my eyes off of it, I get my camera and take as many shots as I can.  

sunset at Calatagan Batangas

sunrise in Baguio

sunset in Baguio

sunrise at Sta. Ana Bridge, Ilocos

sunset at Minalungao National Park, Nueva Ecija

My eyes won't get tired of staring at it's color-changing techniques during the golden hour which is quite difficult to catch.

But there's this one photographer who's not a fan of sun shots.  I don't know what his problem with the sun is, but he did say the reason why; "it's always the same".  And if I remember it correctly, he said that if you could make it a little more dramatic, add subjects, make it more interesting.. he might change his mind and give his approval.  I'm kidding, I love his shots.  I think he's great.  He's a great inspiration.

But whenever I take a shot of something I find pretty, and that I want to make that pretty thing stay pretty forever, I assure you that I do that for myself and not to please anyone else.

Who doesn't like staring at beautiful photos everyday?