Our Ilocandia tour was quite fun but what I was really looking forward to was walking the cobble-stoned streets with Spanish Era ancestral houses in Calle Crisologo in Vigan City.  It was our last stop and we only had the chance to stay there for I think an hour or less.  Our driver was so worried about the traffic we'd face going back to Manila so he advised everyone to make everything quick; photo shoot, shopping, selfies, and more souvenir shopping in less than hour.  How could anyone possibly do that??  But we did.



Calle Crisologo, Vigan

kalesa at Vigan
I was only able to take a few shots because we were in a hurry, but I did find something nice.. some kind of treasure which reminds me how beautiful Vigan is, and how badly I wanna go back and stay for a little longer than an hour.  I bought an owl.  :>

I used to dream about riding a kalesa; seeing them on movies, on tv, and on pictures of people happily sight-seeing looked so fancy.. but this horsey and all of the horses I encountered stinks!  I can't even breathe being close to them!  I still like horses.. but please do take a bath.