My mom was in the hospital last week for about 5 days.. she got out on Tuesday.  She's got a health card which is pretty amazing; we need not to worry about the bills plus she's got PhilHealth for seniors.. additional awesomeness.  What's not awesome is that I needed to run to PhilHealth's Cainta branch (a bit far from the hospital, actually, quite far.. plus it's always traffic on that area) to fix her name so she could use the benefits.  Apparently, she got her name all mixed up, she used her name when she was still single.. like what, she forgot she's married?

But it wasn't her fault, it was those in the Barangay who didn't assist her properly when she applied.. she's old and confused.. like all the time.. and I had to fix their idiotic mistake.  So I got there, it's got fixed and she was released before the sun sets.  But what I went through is the story here.. rain, remember?

I left the hospital with nothing but the papers; enveloped, my phone, my coin purse and my sunglasses.

It was sunny and hot, super hot at 2pm.. a few minutes later after boarding the jeepney (naks, boarding.. parang airplane) going to you-know-where, it rained.  It rained harder when I got there.

I honestly had no idea where exactly it was, but I know the place so I thought I'll just ask when I get there.  I asked 3 guys for directions, and one of them was strange.. I mean, there I was asking where the fucking Philhealth's fucking office was and he didn't even look at me.  His eyes were out there on the rain, looking a bit worried? or freaked out? or scared of me? I don't know.  He looked down on me once and he didn't respond, he was like shooing me away!

Maybe I looked like someone who solicits money from people on the streets, on public transpo, and what not.  Was it because I was kind of wet? and thin, and looked miserable that I'm going to ask him money?!  Oh my goodness, I just figured! just now while I'm typing it! ugh!  I actually thought he was scared of me! that could have been better!

Well anyways, it's near the mall, the Philhealth office is only a few meters away from the mall, and it's still raining.  I was waiting for it to stop, at least ambon, but it poured harder.  I decided to go inside and I saw my favorite bookstore just at the entrance.  I went inside, of course, I had to, I mean, I thought I'll just check.. stayed there for a few minutes.  The rain didn't stop.  I gotta run.  It seemed like it won't stop, so I braced the rain hugging the documents so it won't get wet.. it didn't.  It was safe, 'til I returned to the fucking hospital.  What's nice about the whole experience was that there was no crowd, no long line.  When I got the number, it was called immediately.. and they didn't ask too many questions.  The staff did the necessary changes pronto, and I was free to go except that it rained harder.

Imagine my face.  I was catching the time so that my mom could get out of the fucking hospital on that day.. so I ran, hugging the documents, and off to jeep I flew without asking the driver where it's heading.

The jeepney left and I was still wondering if I was on the right jeep.  I actually asked one of the passengers before boarding (naks, parang airplane) and he confirmed I was on the right jeep.  I wasn't.  A few minutes later, we're caught on traffic.. the sun shone. WOW.  About 10 minutes before that moment, I was like a duck hugging my babies for them not to get wet.

Maybe I did look miserable, but what's important is I made it on time, and that my mom's fine now.

hospital view