Everybody was at the field, at Melvin Jones field, waiting for the main event of Panagbenga's closing ceremony.  I went there for that very reason; the fireworks display which they said would be the grandest you'll ever experience.. for FREE!  It was massive, colorful, and lasted for about 30 minutes.. or less, no, I think it was more than 30 minutes.  It was quite long, and I almost missed it.

Melvin Jones field

But I was at the park first.  I was actually everywhere.  I was at the Session Road.  I was at the market.  I was at 711 for more than 2 hours, charging my Coby player and I was quite happy one of the cords matched mine because I would literally cry if I wasn't able to charge it. 

After 711, I braced the heat of the afternoon.. scoured every stalls which I've scoured the day before because I had nothing to do anyway.  There I found the cutest puffer fish I've seen! and he's the first puffer fish I've seen! I had to take him with me, and I did, and he's now hanging nicely in my room, together with Owly and Woodcat (I thought of Woodcat's name just now).  He's a cute addition.

After shopping, I went back to the house, because it was really hot and I thought I'd go back to the park at around 5pm.  I had dinner at 5pm, at this restaurant I found at Burnham, but I can't remember the name.  The food was nice and quite affordable.  The coffee's nice too.  I tried to read there, but it felt wrong to read at the restaurant, but they didn't disturb me.  I left after a few pages, and went back to strolling/window shopping while looking for a vacant seat; a bench, a rock, grass, whatever, and I found a very nice spot at the lake, facing the people happily paddling together.. making memories.

So how did I almost miss the grand fireworks display?

The sun was setting, and it was getting harder to read, so I moved to the field where the program for the closing ceremony was being held, and waited for more hours before the final event.

sunny at night

The program was hosted by their local djs and some bands played who were really good.  These local bands know my taste, and they're reason enough for me to stay.  I didn't leave my spot until they started with a fountain.

the lightning tree

It startled me because I was standing right in front of it.. a few meters away, of course.  That was also the reason why I didn't leave my spot, it was a very nice spot.  I was in front of the action, until I had to pee.  I had to pee so badly it hurt.  I thought that fountain was just a teaser, and they would release all the good stuff a little more later.. so I head to the toilet and saw the longest line ever.  Why was I so surprised?  I hesitated to stay on the line and went back to the field waited for a bit more minutes for them to explode the sky, until I really can't control it I went back to the now longer line wishing they won't start without me.

I was almost near the door.  I think 2 more persons and I could finally release the tension.  Then I heard a drum-like banging sound outside.  Fuck NO!  I heard more, and everybody in the toilet line went nuts because we were missing all the fun! the very reason we were there, and we were stuck with our bladders full of regrets.  One of the girls rushed outside even if it was her turn already.  I did not, and I really regret not following her.  I chose my bladder and prayed that I still could witness the sky's beauty even for a few minutes.  I haven't peed that fast before, normally I stay longer, especially with a very full bladder, but not this time.  I must not miss it or it will be added to thousands of regrets I have in my life.

I finally went outside and the fireworks were still flying covering the sky with colors and smoke and they're everywhere!  They made a simultaneous display; every corner of the city has colorful fireworks, so anywhere you look, they're there!  It was amazing.  Everyone was cheering, smiling, with their cellphones and cameras pointed at the sky.  I tried a few shots, but it wasn't worth displaying, so I put it down and let my eyes drown from this beautiful happening in the sky.  I missed about 15 minutes of it, but I was able to enjoy about 15 minutes more.  That was indeed the grandest fireworks display ever! and it's FREE!  I cannot compare it with the fireworks festival in MOA which we paid for (only a hundred bucks, but still) and saw nothing, nothing but people's backs.. and tree branches.  Aren't fireworks supposed to be seen by everyone? for it to be admired? to be appreciated?  What's the purpose of displaying the prettiest fireworks if only a few people could see it?

Anyways, that was the highlights of my night.. of everyone's, I think.  And everyone head out of the field right after.  I told you, we were just waiting for the display.  We left the hosts talking at the stage about something I don't know, I never cared about them anyway.  But I think there were few more people left.  They got contests and prizes.  They gave away fried chickens; Chooks to Go!, and candies and shirts.  Someone threw his own shirt (the one he's wearing).  I'm glad I was was miles away from the stage.

I searched for food before going back the house, and got myself a burrito.  It was quite good.  I finished it while walking.  The house I was staying at was just a few blocks away from everywhere, so I did a lot of walking.. that was quite nice.  And I found the prettiest tree.  It's always on the spot light.  See these..

creepy night

shady morning

Pretty, isn't it?

They saw the fireworks too, from the house.. but it's different when you're under the it.. where you had to be wary of debris falling to your eyes and your mouth.  And because I have no photos or video to show, I'll just lead you to a link instead: Panagbenga Fireworks 2015 on YouTube

Sincerely, Paula