I wanted to tell a story about this whole KL-SG trip but it might ignite something that I might not be able to control, so, I just thought of creating a story behind each photos I took instead.  I don't know though if I can do it, but I'm always up for the challenge.  I haven't posted on this damn blog in ages, anyway, and I owe this one at least 3 posts in a week.  I'd really try to come out with a story (interesting or not) for each photos I made for this whole trip.

Starting with "postcard from Singapore"

He's been working his ass in this wonderful city.. leaving his family behind.  He's from China, I think.  Working in a Singaporean kitchen isn't easy.  No, he's not a dishwasher, he's a chef.. a very good one, for almost 3 years.  I found him by the bay, passing the time, and I thought maybe this guy would make a good pose, and he did.  He didn't mind.  He's a celebrity.  He's used to paparazzi.


postcard from Singapore

The title has nothing to do with the content, yes.. and uh.. well.