As much as I love the title, I also love how these Chinese vendors thought of attracting Filipino tourists.  
We were in Bugis, our last stop in Singapore, and stopping by Bugis is a must.  

I never knew about this.  It was my friend who discovered it.  She did a lot of research, like how awesomely she does everything on our every tour, which is uh-mazing!

So we were in Bugis, and we only had a few minutes to explore and finally to decide what to bring home (gifts for family and friends and for ourselves, of course).  But I think we did stay for about an hour; scouring every stalls, marking those who give discounts, and finally those which have unique designs.  There was a lot of things to consider.

But I was fascinated by this stall which was owned by a Chinese man who was so friendly and very welcoming.  He let me take a picture of these signs.

mura lang sa Bugis, promise!

tatlo sampo!

These signs gave a huge smile on my face.  Unfortunately though I already bought something when we passed by his, but I promised I'll be back and buy from him soon.  In my head, I promised him.

"I shall return." and I will.  :>