St Jerome's Laneway Festival Singapore

We might miss them!  Come on, walk faster!  Stop taking pictures!

Just kidding, I never said any of that.  I cannot say that to my friend, except for I was really worried that we might miss Cheats' set because they're the first to play and we still had to search for the venue.  I do understand, it's her first time to see the "huge flowers" but I think it was kind of obvious that I was kinda giving her that look, and she understood me too.. I guess.  I told her, "we'll go back here, some time.  We have a lot of time "yeeeessss".  But I was also tempted to take a shot.. it's really pretty, so why not?

super treeeeees

Ok, we saw the venue after the giant baby.  There were a few people by the entrance and immediately I wore the wristband; our entrance to heaven.. the music haven.  But I was that excited, I forgot to give my skin the protection it needs.  My hair's fine, thankfully.  I was able to protect her from the sun's over loving heat.. the kind of love that will melt you away.  But I didn't just melt, I was burnt.. but it's alright. (ginusto mo yan eh!)

But, why didn't I take a picture of the entrance?  There must have been a photo right here at this line...

*security check* we got in..

Some peeps from Jack Wills asked us if we'd like to do some photoshoots as soon as we entered.  I think they saw how amazed we were (it was our first time) and looking a bit excited.  They said it's free, plus there were freebies; tote bag, sunglasses, a bottle of water and a poncho in a cute little ball of awesomeness.  She also added that we might want to do it right away before it gets crowded.. so we were like, ok!

I think it's cute.  I like our shots.  I like the beard.

We went straight to the Garden Stage after posing ridiculously in front of a jeep which I think was better if they let people get in for more interesting shots.. don't you think?

It was empty.  The Garden stage was empty.  So, we're a bit early?  Thankfully we didn't miss them.  But it was already 11:30am and no one was setting up the stage yet.. unlike on the Bay stage.  It was the vocalist, Eugenia Yip, who's testing the mic, and I didn't realize that until they played.  I got up to shoot her before their last song ends.

I thought maybe they were late.. because Filipino time (hehe sorry).  But it's fucking Laneway!! so I checked on Twitter and I learned that DIIV canceled which automatically moved Cheats' set to 1:30pm.  I was honestly worried that they canceled.. what?! Cheats will cancel their Laneway dream?? that's impossible! they're freaking super excited about this shit!  They've been shouting it to the world that they're playing at the Laneway Festival!!!

And so they came...

Their crowd was crazy.  Some girls were screaming and someone did shout "you can cheat on me anytime!".  I wonder how many times they've heard that from their audience.  But the heat was crazier.  I lost count of how many times I wiped my face with my almost tearing tissue.  I was melting while enjoying their music.. and taking a few shots at the same time. Cheats

I saw a few celebrities; which isn't surprising, but we saw Ms. Megan Young.. Miss World, Megan Young.  She is so pretty.  I saw her the first time on her float parade in Makati from afar, but in Laneway, I was able to approach her and ask if I could take her picture.  She didn't say anything, she just smiled at the camera and let my friend get closer to her.  I used my friend's camera but I never took any of the celebrities' pictures with my own.. it didn't feel right. (haha yeah, right?)  I don't know, I just don't feel like taking celebrities' photos in their private moments.

There was one time, we didn't realize we were sitting next to Maxine's friends.. and of Saab's (one of Cheats' members).. so Maxine sat with them, and so we were sitting next to them.. and my friend and I were like "they're like normal people".  I was kind of tempted to steal some moments, but, it did't feel right.  (yeah, right?)  Also, Megan's friends with them.. and there's something I did that is better to tell in person.. with action.

People started to cover every inch of the ground, making almost no space for us to sit on when we went back from exploring the whole site and grabbing some food.  We had to move from time to time because not only the sun was melting me, it's also making me sleepy.

St Jerome's Laneway Festival Singapore

St Jerome's Laneway Festival Singapore

St Jerome's Laneway Festival Singapore

Every bands were awesome, I haven't heard most of them, except for the 1975.  I loved the Thundercat, the Internet, and the Riot !n Magenta who played first.  I was able to get a good shot of their vocalist.  

But the very reason why I decided to go back to Singapore this early and drag my friend was because of CHVRCHES.


I missed their gig in the Philippines, and since I still have enough money, I thought maybe, it's the sign.. or maybe I'm just looking for an excuse to see them.  I want to see them more after seeing how they perform live.  It wasn't enough for me, it's super "bitin".  I really wish I could see them perform longer.  You see?

For the love of music, I let myself burn.  I regret nothing, but I should have thought of protecting my skin at least.  It's kind of itchy and I feel like a snake.  My face is peeling off now and I have band aide patch on my foot, it looks ridiculous.

Unfortunately though, we were not able to see the rest of the bands.  We left after CHVRCHES' because we had a train to catch.  We know nothing but MRT.. taxi is not cheap in SG.