I've been looking for travel blogs to somewhat get some ideas and maybe get a chance to participate with them or link with them or whateverr, and I stumbled upon 'A Compass Rose' which authored by Bonnie Rose.  Not only this blog looks really nice, but the author is doing something epic (I can't believe I would use that word, but it is indeed) which answers all my prayers.

All I got to do is to be active, as much as I can.  Although some of them, actually all of them were sharing their experiences in visiting the different parts of the world, but I only got one country in mind; the Philippines.  Don't get me wrong, I love my country, and I'm doing the best I can to explore her full beauty.. before I go overseas.. that is the dream.

I started exploring the Philippines; my dear country, 3 years ago, and I've only been to 11 provinces.. all of which in Luzon.  I could have been to the Visayaz region last year specifically in Bohol and Cebu if it wasn't for Yolanda (that bitch ruined it all).  My friends have been to Boracay several times, they included me last year for another trip and bought me tickets, but I chose not to go..  I know, that's one of the most gorgeous parts of the Philippines, but I can't find the urge visiting it.

Maybe the fact that it's always flooded with people (of any kind), and that there's only one place to go.. the beach!  I know how awesome the place is, especially the parties at night, but I'm also aware of how expensive everything is.  And I really don't like mingling with a HUGE crowd.  It's heaven for them rich kids and foreigners, but not for me.. unfortunately.

Now, what's my point?  - I don't know.  Because I was really thinking of how to connect that intro to what I'm really going to share for the Travel Tuesday linking game.  Well it's not really a game, but like a community of blogs sharing ideas, adventures, tips, experiences to each other.. helping each others' blogs in the process.  But somewhere while I'm writing, I came to the part where I can no longer connect my thoughts to my original plan, and to think that that sharing game will be featured on Tuesday and I'll be a week ahead if I ever did join (as if they will choose me), but just to be included in that list of blogs is enough for me.. that's exposure already, and a little traffic, maybe.  So, what am I gonna do with this shit?

Post it anyway!  :)