Hi, my name is Teresa, and I'd like to share my travel experiences with you because I think they're too awesome not to be told.

I'm not good at telling stories of my own; mostly I stutter, I lose my train of thoughts, and mostly I forget the scenes that I get my listeners bored.  But thankfully, some of them are still eager to hear what I had to say, maybe because I don't talk that much.  I don't share that much, because I'm always the listener.. because I like listening.
And yes, I do forget the details of my stories and remember them when the moment was over.

But here, I could tell you every details of every stories of every places I visit.  I could even make them up, but that I couldn't do without the help of my photos beautifully taken from every scenes of my travel escapades.

I also love music.  In here, I'd also share some of what I listen to; from alternative rock, to grunge, to reggae, to punk, to techno, to alternative rap, to screamo, and a few metal, even the instrumentals, I love them.. even some pop, as long as they rock my ears, I'd listen.  I listen to the radio too.  Most of the bands I know I hear from the radio.  Actually, I got the name of this blog from listening to Jam.  I've already known the song, but it didn't occur to me until Lambert, the dj on board played Yeah, Whatever.  A light bulb appeared in my head and I had to thank him in my first post.

So there.

But this blog isn't a snob.  I just can't think of anything else to re-name it.  I've thought of re-naming it but it's a lot of hard work and that 'take a walk' is already taken.. so, whateverr.  :>