Although it does say a lot about doing whatever you want if it will make you happy.  Ugh, I think I'm relying too much on lyrics when saying something on whatever.  Okay, this blog right here is really just for whatever I want or I could share or maybe I just kinda miss writing again? sort of.  And I also want to share my little travel adventures(?)  I've been thinking of doing this since I started exploring.  

But this blog won't be just about traveling, I'll also talk about my playlist?  I know I've been tweeting a lot of what I listen to.  Just so that I won't run out of something to say (here at least).  Also, I'm thinking of posting about current situations (what the hell), but not the kind that will make you feel bad about people, places, or whatever.

As you see, this area will show you a lot of whatever you could think of.. I mean I could think of.  I'm in control here.  But any suggestions is always welcome, I'm open.

But I think I need to thank Jam, yeah, because I was listening to Jam when I was thinking of a title for this shit (I'll say whatever I want to say, cursing here is allowed, nobody will stop you), and Yeah, Whatever played.  So there, thank you Lambert.  He won't be seeing this shit, so whatever.  

I've been saying a lot of whatever but I promise that I won't be using that for the future posts.  I just hope that there'll be a lot of future posts.  I'll try to update this shit regularly as much as possible.  Because I really enjoyed the blog I had before.  Although it created a lot of issues, and that I had very limited resources, but that was the challenge!  I mean the resources, not the issues.. that was the challenge.

I'm getting boring.. so I'll just go.