November or October last year when my cat Garfield got sick, really sick.  I lost count of his and his brother Shadow's ages.  I don't know how old they are, but Garfield really looked like he's old enough.  I hated seeing him dying like that.  But I had no money to take him to the vet.. so I just made sure that he eats well.

He's the strong kind; he fought the strongest male in the neighborhood over women and territory.  He was a warrior.  He's always outside; gone for hours, days.. but when he gets home, he's the same Garfield we loved; the stubborn, bad-ass child with scratches, sometimes deep wounds from his fights.  But unlike him, Shadow, who is just days younger, is like a little gentleman.

I've seen his girlfriend, she's also pure black, and funny enough because Garfield's girl also looks exactly like him, but they don't live in our house; these girls.  Because as much as possible, we don't want anymore dynasty of cats in the family.

We've had tons and tons of cats before.  Shadow and Garfield's mom had tons of children before them.. and her mom before her, and her mom, they're countless.  It's just the first time that we were able to save the males, and they're beautiful.  So we're strict when it comes to sleepovers.. actually no sleepovers.  That will result to more sleepovers until they pee on one corner and before we know it, they've had babies.

That will be our responsibility.  They can have their babies in their own homes though.  I mean, these girls, they always know when the food has been served and these boys will let these girls finish their food.  I don't know where they reside though, but they're just a few houses away I think.  I haven't seen my grandchildren.. but they're just there, having fun.. having their training to replace their parents.

But one day, Garfield was just gone.  I was dead worried because he was really sick.  I waited for days, but he never came back.  I even never had the chance to give him a proper burial.  Every time I see his pictures, I just want to cry, that's why I don't talk about him with anyone because I'm afraid I might burst into tears.

Now I'm seeing the same symptoms with Shadow.  My babies gotten old without me realizing it.  I thought they're still my babies who I carry around although I cannot carry them anymore because their stubbornness doubled as they got older.  Did I mention how often they fought?  But I will talk about that in other post because this one is for sad moments.

I just wish that Shadow won't go and follow his brother.  "Shadow, it's ok, I'll take care of you.  Even though you look hideous, and you're kinda gross.  You're still my baby."

Shadow and Garfield