I realized how cheesy the title was on my last post, so I thought I'll post something black, and cute, still cute, but a little stinky.  Ew you say? whateverr, he's still my baby, and he doesn't like taking a bath.  Shadow's fine now, thankfully!

He's no longer dreadful, he eats well again, and chasing everything that moves again.  He recently injured a baby lizard.  I actually tried to take a shot of him and the lizard, but he walked away.  This may sound awful and frustrated, but I tried to make him play with the lizard again so I could take some shots.  But he's the snobbiest of them all so.. I left the poor thing alone.  It lived.  I saw it on one corner trying to climb up the wall, but it failed.

Okay, let me tell you about all the things that Shadow and Garfield chased, clawed, beaten, bitten, killed, ate in their entire lives.

Normally, they kill rats, big or small.  But I don't know if they could and if they had caught and killed something that is as big as them.

We have huge rats, and sometimes Garfield go to their hiding places; in the ceiling, and the other cats also go there.. some kinda party huh?  Aside from rats, they have killed a bunch of cockroaches, lizards, just the house lizards, if they had encountered bigger lizards I don't know.  But last year some duck owners called our attention and complained about his ducklings being killed by Garfield.  He said, he saw it several times and even threatened to beat my cat if he do it again.  Well I don't think Garfield's wounds were purely from the cat fights he had.

Shadow too had wounds that I suspect were from the stupid superstitious people about black cats.  But I made them know that Shadow's mine, and I think they got it.  But I'm not saying that I don't believe the guy, I think Garfield really is capable of doing that because I saw Shadow one time in our neighbor's roof with a bird in his mouth.

If only my camera's always with me, I could have photographed every great scenes that happens around me.. particularly with my cats.

When Garfield was catching the bugs flying around the fluorescent light, he actually ate some of them.. straight from the mouth.  When Shadow and Garfield had a huge fight over I don't know what and that their fur spread all over the house, I could have recorded it.  They fought all the time when they got older, and my brother almost took Shadow to his house, but thankfully Shadow bites, and that he's not used to being caged.

My cats are always free to go wherever they want, but if there's a threat in their lives, I almost want to lock them inside the house.  But I cannot do that because they don't know how to use the toilet.. properly.  ..and they don't have litter boxes, but they have a small garden.  They do know how to cultivate.