You would always make sure that you look good before facing the camera and that smile which you've already perfected and the best side of your face is always on.

But here in our trip in Ilocos Norte, I found a good amount of photos of us I could share which showed our every sides..

Starting from where the trip started:
At Sta. Ana Bridge where we waited for the sun to rise.. it was quite cold I'm glad we brought our jackets.

That kid never faced my camera, but he's still cute.  :>
And this girl below actually loves her back being shot, and I know a lot of people who does.

We were on our way to the lovely falls, the Kabigan Falls, and as the unofficial photographer of the group, I always ask for a quick shot or two or three and mostly they would respond as how I expect them to be; ready to pose no matter what.

On the beach.. when some of them were being eaten by big waves.. and enjoying it!

When someone becomes the spider woman for a day.. haha I don't know how she got there!

What about take a picture of each other?  :>

When someone just doesn't know how to pose she just grabbed something and smiled.. oh, there were 2 cameras.. awkwardness doubles..

Unlike this one below who's always ready for a shot.. and be good at it.

And to some who do know how to make things interesting.. and the thing likes it.  You can see it in his face.

photo credit to Tin
But the most interesting shots you could get were from those who have had a lot of fun.  :>

I don't know why we're pointing that door though!  The magic door?! :D

photo credit to Tin
Beautiful eyessss

And Jo luckily was paying attention, she caught this in action.  That wasn't easy.  They all tried it twice and tumbled but I only did it once and it was a success.  teehee
Apparently, you just need to bend your knees lower to balance yourself well.  ;)

sandboarding at Paoay Sand Dunes Ilocos Norte
photo credit to Jo
And this one must be taken fast because the calesas were running back and forth on the streets of Vigan.. one of the few Hispanic towns left in the Philippines (as per Wikipedia).

photo credit to Tin
But I think no matter how you do it, the most important thing is you're enjoying it and you're being true to yourself... so, pose away!

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