One of the most difficult shots I've made were the close up shots.. trust me, it's more awkward on my part and I've got to do it quickly because most of these were taken with no permissions at all.  But I did show them after, except for Mong, that guy on guitar.  He's in a band, Chicosci.

This first guy, his name is Jama.. he's one of my office mates who went with me in Mount Pinatubo.  He kinda looked like a nurse/photographer on that thing!  And that camera is not for posing.. he does make good photos.  I can't share it though.. but he does make good photos.

Jama in black & white

This cute little fella right here is my nephew, Liam.. Taken at one of our reunions.  I think he's only 1 in this photo, and already, he knows how to pose.  I was Taken by surprise!  :>

This one is Pao.. also an office mate, and he asked for that shot!!  Do you know why?

The original shot was pretty colorful; he was wearing a pink shirt and he bought a pink ice cream (we were in Baguio).. a strawberry flavored ice cream and then he asked me to tweet it!  My God, Pao.. what's got into you??  But I did it anyway..


This is my brother, Joe.  But his real nickname is Jojo, but it sounds so gay, so, let's just stick to Joe.  He's a gamer.  If you're playing League of Legends, you can ask him to add to your team.. and you'd be a sure win, especially when he use LeBlanc.

He hates this photo though.. he didn't know he was being Taken.  :>

And lastly, the guy who plays his guitar well.. Mong Alcaraz of Chicosci.

This was taken at their album launch in Eastwood, and it was the first time that I got to the stage really close that I was almost sitting on it!  I jumped over the fence to do that!  I'll tell the story later!