The second day of our island hopping tour was a little exciting and a little bit private.. well, uh, we shared the boat with another group the first day.  I didn't mention that before because it didn't matter, but now it does because I missed some detail on our first island hopping day.  We visited the secret lagoon and the secret beach on the first day, replacing the 7 Commando beach, and I can't remember the reason why.  We agreed on the proposal, it was talked about first, but we didn't know what we're missing.  Until we passed by it and it was so beautiful, and seeing the photos by those who were fortunate enough to land on it, to experience it, to play all over it -- gives me this impression that we're not cool enough to be on that island.

Seeing it from afar, I could already say that that island is special, as special and as intriguing as the story behind it.

"There were 7 soldiers stuck in the island of El Nido.. apparently their ship needed fixing, so they stayed in the island until it was fixed.  After abandoning the said island, the locals then discovered it and as they explored, they found name carvings of the 7 commandos who lived there for how long they don't know.  It was said that these soldiers who were rumored to be Japanese soldiers were stranded during the World War II."

But there's an alternate story about how the island was named.  They said that the carving the locals found reads "Seven Commando", not the names of 7 soldiers.

But whatever the story was, I think we shouldn't have missed it.  And now as I'm writing this, and discovering how much we missed; the awesome view, seeing their photos, the uber expensive drinks being offered and much more stories we could have heard if we did land on that beautiful island.. it was supposed to be sunset viewing too.  Oh god, why did we just pass by it?!?