This movie was suggested to me by an office mate while we're talking about Jennifer Lawrence, her awesomeness and her boyfriend, and this movie was talked about with the bunch of others.  And we both agreed they're perfect for each other; she's funny and he's hot.. no, they're both hot.  She's a great actress and he's got cute eyes.

And I think he's a perfect zombie and I think the girl looks a lot like Kristen Stewart; the voice, the acting, but I maybe she's got more feelings(?)  And I enjoyed the movie so much, their soundtrack too is so awesome I have to add them to my playlist.  I selected them though.. and from the original 18, it's down to 10.  But don't get me wrong, all them in the list are awesome, it's just that, I don't know, it's pretty hard to explain so I'd rather not.

And here they are, collected from Grooveshark:

Warm Bodies by nevetessa on Grooveshark

I saw some bloopers and I think it's really funny.. but don't worry if you haven't seen the movie, this clip is safe, it won't spoil anything. maybe.  :>

PS. I didn't know this is a novel.  I should have known that first before watching the movie.. but hopefully I could still get a copy.  And I don't know to whom am I going to give credit for R's photo which is so uhmazing.