oh, great.
photo credit to bashzone.com
1. Get a fresh cup of coffee; either from your favorite overpriced coffee shop or from your own pot.  I think it's best if you could make your own coffee because not only that coffees from coffee shops are quite expensive, also they're either too bitter or too sweet.. and the cookies and/or cupcakes are made of gold.

I guess I just can not afford.. moving on.

2. Do the morning walk.  Your muscles need daily exercise.  If you do think running could kill you, walking would give the right amount of exercise your muscles need.. that's according to what I heard.

3. Listen to music.  If you're the type who listens to music all the time, or most of your times, especially when you're working.. then you do know how productive you could get when a good music first enters your ears and not those unwanted noise from everywhere.

4. Snuggle your pet(s).. if you have pet that is, but if you don't have one, then snuggle your boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife or your children.. but if you have none of those because you're miserable like that, then with your lovey dovey teddy bear.

5. Pick a nice and appropriate clothes.  It doesn't matter how expensive or cheap it is, as long as you're not wearing a leather jacket under the heat of the sun.. and/with an uber long scarf giving the street a quick sweep.. ok, at least you're helping the community.

6. Be aware of the changing weather.  There are times that the sun is at its hottest but one moment would lay low and would give way to some great shower.  Always bring umbrella, is what I'm trying to say.

7. Do not wish for a great day.. that's the least you can do for yourself.  Don't expect things to be perfect, just do things as how you're supposed to do them.. and great things will follow.. hopefully.

The image though of the cat, I don't know if it could relate, I just find it funny.  : >