Mount Pinatubo Philippines

Some black and white photos really are pretty creepy.. but it always depends on the scene, on the background, on how they're shot.  Some have got this strange aura that will keep your eyes on it for quite a long time.. imagining something have had moved on the very corner on the darker side of the photo; a kind of feeling a colored photo won't give.  The dark side of photography. hihi  :>

And so last week, I learned about this link up and was inspired to create more black and white photos from my own collection.  Playing on them on photoshop was pretty fun.

That photo above was a shot I took during our trip to Mount Pinatubo's crater lake.  That 2 hour walk plus 2 long stairs to the paradise was truly an unforgettable experience.  Something I will not exchange with a bike ride; well, you cannot ride a bike on that route unless you want a stone be stuck in your nose and get a nose job instantly. ...not me! totally.

And this photo below is the original shot.

Mount Pinatubo Philippines

Which one do you like the most?  None?  OUCH!