I think everyone would agree if I say stolen shots are the best and the most interesting shots you could see in a photo album.. except maybe if they made you look like a monster in it.  But no monster you would see in this list, for the people in Baguio are all pretty inside and out.  

This shot was taken at Tam-awan Village where everything is artsy..

At first I thought the sign says "flip top loading area".. that could have been a pretty interesting loading area with some rappers on the side.  Don't you think?

I heard him say "nakakahiya naman kung di ako bibili, eh tinanong ko lahat nang presyo ng paninda nya", maybe that's why I took their picture.

He said his ice cream is so sticky it won't fall if we hold it upside down..

strawberry ice cream at Baguio City
photo credit to Tin
it didn't.

He is what they call Apo; an artist who must be respected when he's doing his thing so I was so careful not to bother him.  I wasn't able to take a picture of his face though, but no matter, I still like the result.

I find this photo kinda cute, but I think that half-faced woman doesn't approve it.  Is it because I made her half-faced?  It's an accident!  sorry!

This couple asked me to take a picture of them in front of the church because they weren't able to take a good shot of it with their selfies.  They didn't know I've already done it even before they asked.  -No problem, Ramon!

There's something about these shots that make me do it again, and again, and I think I will always do it whenever I get a chance.

Do you want me to take a picture of you?  You don't have to ask me to.  :>

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