We were back to Baguio last last week where we spent the long weekend holiday which was originally planned to be in Borawan in Quezon.  There's this thing about travel companies which is a little annoying, but understandable, yeah, I understand it alright, but still annoying.

I was so excited about this trip, visiting these islands in Quezon I didn't know exist that I told my office friends I'm going there because they asked where I'm going.. when the travel company told my friend, our manager, that the trip was cancelled.. not because of bad weather but because there's no enough people who booked for that trip.. unless we pay for the rest of the seats, then we will go. fuckers.  But because they knew how we've waited for this long weekend trip, they suggested another island hopping location, which is better but much more expensive; Sorsogon.  Now that is the problem, it's a little bit out of our budget because this kind of trip requires longer preparation.  We would love to, but our bank accounts say NO!

Okay, so we were back to Baguio, not the last resort,.. maybe just a little.  We love Baguio.  We actually thought it's a perfect location to start a business.  I thought of a flower shop then I'll try to grow my own flowers because my father is a great gardener and I love arranging flowers.. which I don't get to do often, only during the 2nd of November.  But my friend said "transient house", and I was like "wow, you're right".  That is sure money.  And we could all dream of getting a capital for those.. but hopefully we could.  Someday.

So we were back to Baguio and the rain never did stop loving us.  The weather was fine in the morning on the first day, until we went back to our hotel to prepare for the much anticipated night market when the rain dropped big time.  That could have been fine though if we could stay for another night but we don't have much money for the rent.  So I guess that night market needs to wait a little much longer.

The rain never stopped on the second day.  I think I could count on one hand how many times it stopped.  Although we do know that it's the rainy season, we're still hoping that maybe mother nature could spare those weekends and make our vacations worthwhile.  Maybe next time.

Regardless of everything that happened, we still enjoyed our trip.. there's no reason not to.  Just look at this guy.

minesview Baguio City