Although there are times that he hates being touched, there are times that he will come to you, and brush his body to your legs and bite.. well, that's his way of saying he's hungry.  Actually, even if he already ate, he will wait for me to get home and tell me or show me to prepare his food by biting my leg or my foot.  He loves the food I prepare for him.

And last night, that photo above and this one below happened.

He was already sleeping on that couch, that's his favorite place, when my brother disturbed him and laid his stinky body beside him.  I could see in Shadow's face he wasn't impressed.. but since he couldn't do anything about it, he slowly climbed up to my brother's stomach and made it his bed.  I think they both liked it.


But he's not just that all biting and clawing.. he's also got this attitude of just staring at you.. for no apparent reason.. or maybe there is, I just don't know what it is that he wants to tell.

A few months ago, I caught him staring blankly at me.  It's like he's watching me.  I was inside my room.  Look at those eyes if you could see them.

There's actually one time, I didn't know he was in my room.. it was dark, well it's always dark in my room, I just turn the light on when I read.. and there were his eyes, all green, shining brightly, staring at me.. and I was like "what the fuck, Shadow?"

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