Two days ago, I went to this newly opened mall at Angono, Rizal.. it's quite small but it's fine and they have this art gallery which is just at the entrance so it caught my attention instantly.  I passed by it and went straight to where I was supposed to go.. to the appliance section to buy a coffee maker (my first coffee maker hihi), and check it back before I exit.

They don't have the coffee that I need though so I could start brewing as soon as I get home so I used the expired one which is still in my cabinet which Pao gave me (that was our stock in the office which we weren't able to use because our coffee maker in the office broke).. just to test if it's working (the coffee maker) and to check if the coffee's still ok.. it still smells good, and it tastes fine.
But I did that just to test.  :>

Anyway, back to the art gallery..

They have papercut arts and some paintings and some other things but I find the papercuts more interesting.  I took a few shots, and stopped when I saw 2 men arranging them.  I don't know if one of them is the artist, I just feel ashamed that I'm taking pictures of their stuff.  And so I end up with only 3 photos and went out.

The Beatles papercuts

dreamcatcher owl papercuts

Mamang papercut

I don't know if SM Taytay has art gallery, but there's this one my brother and I came across with while shopping and I find it pretty cute.  The fries did the magic.  :>

fries and bbq

Okay, we did put the fries.  I can't help it!