comforting grandma

We spent an hour and a half together in the sea; staring at the huge waves, at the television which once played a comedy film, me staring at their backs, at their actions, trying to get a good shot of whatever I could shoot discreetly.

There's this story of a grandma and her grandchildren who were searching for a vacant seat.  There's no vacant seats but they could share with others.. but I guess she doesn't like the idea so they remained standing on the side.  I fell asleep and when I opened my eyes, I saw them 3 sitting on the chair and her grandson not feeling well; he puked, and the other child, the girl, jumped to the other seat in front of them.  The man who was sitting there.. I don't know where he went.  And the grandma continued comforting her grandson.

The waves were huge.. huge enough to sway a ship, a ship loaded with trucks, huge trucks.. it also kinda made me sick, well I just had the worst hangover before that trip.

Island Shipping

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