Arko ni Apo - art gallery

We were waiting for a cab outside the Tam-Awan Village in Baguio when I noticed this art gallery.  The first time I went to Tam-Awan, this gallery was closed and when I saw it open, widely open, open to the public.. I didn't hesitate.  I went inside while my other 2 friends were waving for a taxi.

Outside it looks quite intriguing, inside it's quite interesting.. and kinda creepy.

I saw an old man doing his craft and on the top of his workstation were dead squirrels(?) ..hanging.  I didn't bother asking what those were and what he's planning to do with them, plus there's a sign on the side of his workstation saying: Do not disturb.. he's busy.

I wanted to take a picture of him.  I wanted to show his face on my pictures while he's doing his thing, but I had no courage to ask for permission.  I was scared I might be yelled at if I push my camera to his face.. also the sign's pretty clear.  He doesn't want to be disturbed.

There were 2 other men on the building, also, a woman.. I think these people work with him or were related to him.  So I ask the guys if I could take a picture of the artist.  They said: "just ask for permission" and they were telling me how to do it, how to approach him, how to call him.  Call him "master" the other one said.  So I did.

I was pretty aware that they're making of fun of me.. but I let them, because I really wanted to get the artist's trust and let me photograph him.  These guys actually were just standing a few meters away from the artist while I was talking to them; instructing me how to do it properly, so I'm pretty sure that Apo (the artist) was hearing everything and was just trying not to laugh.. or he might be deaf because he's pretty old, and he never heard me no matter how many times I called his attention.. or maybe he's just a huge snob.

A few minutes later, another girl came in.. she probably also came from visiting Tam-Awan and saw the gallery was opened.. and did the same thing I was doing.  She asked for permission and took a few shots even if he didn't say yes.  That's what I was actually waiting for, a go signal.. even just a nod, or a wink(?) but I didn't get any.. and there came a girl who got in my way and performed a photo shoot just like that?  

I took his photos from afar.. several feet away from him.  I still think he doesn't want to be disturbed.

Arko ni Apo - art gallery

Arko ni Apo - art gallery

But I kinda like my shots.

I'm doing the A-Z Challenge, by the way.. and I hope I/we can all do this til the end! alright.