knee-deep water

You wouldn't think that the water is shallow if it wasn't for that woman and that guy and that kid who were standing next to these group of people sort of enjoying the knee-deep water because there's nothing they can do anyway.  

We did the same thing.  We pretended like the water's deep enough for us to float ourselves.. flooooat.. riiiiight?  I was only able to do that because I used my arms to support my body.. sounds pathetic, but it was fun, and yeah, it was pathetic.  The rest of them can do it.. it was just me who can't.  But whatever, we made the people believe that the water's at least shoulder-deep.  

A bunch of people came in our spot which we owned and we enjoyed for an hour, I think, or less, and so when these group of people crowded our spot, we left and prepared to go home.

These photos below show how far we were in our tents, in the beach.. I think we walked like half kilometer to get to our floating spot.  And check out that guy.  I assumed he's waiting for someone to take a photo of him.. so I did.. my friend and I did.

super model in the beach!

super low tide in Batangas

The water went back to normal at night.. or at least the water touched those balsa which kinda looked abandoned in low tide.  It's still shallow.  I don't know if that's normal in their area because in some beaches in Batangas, the water's in normal height.

But this one's really pretty.

sunset in Batangas

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