Lately, I've been thinking what would it be like to get on the bus for a 6 or 7 hours trip and/or a plane ride and share a room in hostels with total strangers?

I've been traveling with a bunch of people all my life; with my family, friends, colleagues, but never have I experienced to hang out with some strangers, even just to talk to them for long.. like a conversation.  Maybe those who know me personally were wondering and were raising their eyebrows now because they know me as the silent type who dares not to talk to anyone except if being asked.. that’s actually incorrect.  I talk when I have something to say, I don’t if I don’t.  It’s not that I choose who I talk to, I choose what to say because mostly they don't get me.. but I don't blame them.

So I've been reading about travel blogs where all these ideas and inspirations of traveling alone come from, and I've been asking myself if I can.  Of course I can.. why can’t I? right??

But if ever I’d be traveling alone, I think I’ll start somewhere I've been at several times, where I’d be comfortable walking the streets alone even at night.  But how fun/awkward would it be like to sit next to a huge man who you don’t know if you can trust?  I mean, your first instinct would be to protect yourself.. because you know, I've sat next to a man before in a jeep on my way to school (I was in college) who intentionally brushed his arm on me; pretending like he’s getting something in his pocket but he’s trying to pull up my blouse.  I was wearing like a silk blouse so it easily was brushed up.  I didn't let it happen, of course.. I moved to other side of the jeep and stared at him like I want to kill him or grab his eyeballs or something.

Anyways, if this huge man would dare do something terrible, I’d let him know that I can kill him by giving him a Sadako-like kind of stare. LOL.  Seriously though, I think if you act like you don’t know how to protect yourself, they would jump on you like a lion, and you as a goat (or a lamb, whatever you prefer) would be dead in like a second.

But what if this huge guy, who would sit next to me for the next 6 or 7 hours is a good man?  What if I wake up from a very nice sleep in the bus, sitting really close to him.. like really close, and kinda liking it because it’s really cold and the jacket wasn't enough.. would I get mad?  No, I think not.  I think that would be just fine.  He could be like a really warm blanket, as long as his hands remain folded in his body.. even if I wake up every hour or every half hour leaning next to him.. that would be okay.  And then, we would be like separating from each other whenever we wake up and realize that we’re not supposed to be leaning at each other because that would be the most awkward thing.. awkward but kinda nice(?).

I think I could handle that kind of bus trip, but what I’m a bit worried about is I haven’t shared a room with total strangers.. and this I really want to experience.  Also, bed-spacing is way cheaper than having your own room.  But this time, I’m a bit worried about leaving my stuff in a room with other bunch of people who I don’t know if I can trust.  But then again, it’s only a matter of what to bring and what to leave behind when going out.

But you know what also worries me, is that what if I share a room with some psycho?  You wouldn't know until you get into the room and you see a knife, a very sharp one, by the sink.  There’s a kitchen, and that’s the best place for a knife, and if somebody needs to cut something, they would go to the kitchen and do the cutting there.  Why should it be lying on the sink?  It’s not like she’s using that as razor, right?  I’m paranoid.

But you must not ask why a knife (a very sharp one) is lying on the sink.  It could totally end up to something you don’t want it to end up to.. like they laugh about you all night and all day, and prank you with everything knife-related.  That could be the worst travel story to tell.. in your part.  So I would dare not ask.  I can pretend like I didn't see anything.. that that was normal; having a knife on the sink.. come on! that was normal, like totally!

So if I could survive all these; these paranoia in the bus and in the transient house, I think I could handle walking alone, eating alone,.. besides, it’s not new to me.  I've been all alone my entire life.. It’s not a choice, but I’d rather be alone than to push myself to someone who doesn't like and doesn't understand me.

Sooo, should I do it? traveling alone? totally!
I've done it.