Forgive me for that kind of title but I'm running out of topic, and since it's the last of the A-Z Challenge (yes, I/we did it!), I made it extra-ordinary.

these octopuses

These octopuses brought their camera in front of me while they knew that I got there first and had been taking pictures of my family while swimming.  They might have thought I would leave where I was standing and let them take away my position.. but I did not.  Instead, I took a lot of pictures of their backs, their huge backs until they can't take anymore they left.  I think they stood there for a minute or two.

This photo and this A-Z Challenge story deserves a congratulations for not letting these octopuses dominate the great view and for continuing with the challenge even if most of time I question myself if I still can go on.  But I did and we made it and congratulations!