Yes, you heard/read that right.  I'm thinking of committing a crime for this cute but not so little kitty who's been hanging out with us and doesn't seem to be going home anymore.  He leaves every once in a while but is always present and never ever missed meal time.  But lately we noticed he's spending the night.. and on our coach he was spotted; "good morning" was how his meow sounded like when my brother saw him stretching his cute little legs and short tail and very shiny fur.  He's quite a cutie! and very sweet! and there's one thing I find similar to him and Shadow.. they both bite when you pet them too much.. or when asking for food.

I think I'm naming him Urf, which I think LOL players would get, but I don't know why I'm naming him Urf.  I just thought it's cute.. like it's something he would say when he's hungry.
I also suspect that Urf is Shadow's son because even if he's a male he let him get inside the house, stroll, and finish his food (Shadow's).. that's how it all started.  Remember when I told a story about Shadow and his women?  They (these women) were always there to finish his food which Shadow purposely leave for them to finish.. why? is/was it because he doesn't like what I prepare(d)? that fucker.

We're fully aware that Urf's family know he's always in our house, and in everyone else's, but I think he spends most of his time in our house, like the other cats who are luring us with their cuteness for a chance to be adopted.. the problem is, they're all girls!  We can't add more girls in the family because that would end up in another dynasty which we ended when Shadow and Garfield's mother died.  Shadow is technically the last of his blood.. or Urf, if I've proven he's Shadow's son.  I think he would be the 10th generation.. or the 20th.

So why would I still catnap Urf if he's officially part of the family, you ask?

We're moving out this weekend, to another house; same village, different street. ha! we never want to leave Taytay, really.  Oh, and these are Urf's photos:

The only decent shots I've got of him were under the chair.