McDonald's at Kuala Lumpur

We're not hiding it, we do love McDonald's.  It's our favorite meeting place.  It's my coffee shop.  I love their fries.  Their breakfast is nice.  They're everywhere.  They're located where we're always at.. so it's more like they know how to find us.

I can't think of a story between this two because you might think/say I'm a racist.

Now, if you're going to ask me, how was it?  the food?  Is it pricey?  How the people were?  Do they serve rice?  No, they don't.  No rice at all.  But their normal servings is twice as big as our normal servings here in the Philippines.  We converted it to Philippine Peso, it's a little cheaper.  The people are fine.  Everyone treat everyone well.  It's nice meeting the Malaysian Mcdo.