yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

I'm going to share some exclusive with you today.  I refused to write about it the first time I did it because it's stupid, but I did it again.  I don't think that's normal.  I'm not proud of it, but I think writing it down might remind me not to do it again.  Besides, everyone has moved on from it.. so moving on.

I forgot to bring/withdraw enough money to Singapore.  I don't have a credit card.. never had, but I had a back-up plan. tenenenenen.. yup! my brother.  That's very irresponsible, I know.. and annoying, but I had no any other option.

In my defense, and it's not an excuse; I get easily distracted.  I do make a reminder for myself, but when someone or something distracts me, that's it.  I will totally forget what I've was thinking.. and will remember that after a few hours, like let's say, an hour or two.  The chance to do what I was ought to do has already passed by then because we've already passed by the ATMs and the immigration.

In the end, I was able to borrow money from my brother (my back-up plan) to pay my friends who lent me money for our expenses while on the run.

and for the second time

I can't believe it.
I can't fucking believe it.
Same thing happened.

I planned to withdraw (money) in the airport, which I did.  I did see an ATM but it was out of order, and at the same we we're looking for the booth to pay our taxes.  I forgot to ask people where the other ATMs are, because, uh huh, I got distracted.  

But this never happens at work, of course.  I give it a 100% I've done the work before I let anyone distract me.. plus, when I'm in front of my computer, it's easy to go back to thinking what I was doing.  Also, my playlist always puts me on the mood.

If you're wondering what kind of distractions am I talking about; mostly non-stop talks.  When my attention goes deep into discussion, it'll be difficult to remember something that was meant to do right at the very moment.. even peeing.  But that's something you do after a very long discussion.

I could have remembered the ATM if we didn't meet kuya Jess.  He's a total gentleman.

He guided us from NAIA to Changi Airport.  We talked about everything; travel, family, work, almost everything about him, of course, his life is interesting.  He's traveled a lot, and works a lot in casinos.  He gave us 50% discount to Universal Studios.  How awesome is that?

I remembered that I was supposed to look for another ATM in NAIA (we're already in Singapore), when kuya Jess told us about grabbing a taxi but we told him we're still holding Philippine Peso.  He then guided us to the money changer, and he couldn't believe how much money we only had.  He was amused.

My friend also wasn't able to bring enough money, but hers is a different story, and she's got a credit card.  She's got no problem.

And yes, you guessed that right.  My friend lent me money, and so did my brother.  But there's still a way to recover from this idiocy.  I'm just hoping my bank would cooperate well because I'm losing every inch of my sanity.

One of the reasons why I decided to try my luck in another country is to learn how to live on my own, and I'm starting it in a very very wrong way.

I did withdraw money before going to the airport, I just planned to do a second withdraw because I'm not confident on carrying too much money in my pocket, especially in the mall.. with that humongous bag.  But, yeah.