But not just tiny plants, they're the tiniest, most colorful, and prettiest cactuses I've seen; cactuses and pitcher plants, and those plants in Mario Brothers.. the snap plants.. tiny snap plants.  I tried to take a picture of those slow-moving, fly-eating snappers, but then again, it was a fail.


They're not the first tiny cactuses I've seen, but they're the first tiny pitcher plants and tiny snap plants I've seen.  I was tempted to put my finger on their mouths, but it was kinda scary, and I'm not familiar with their behavior and I don't know what else I should know when around these fascinating creatures.

And there's a tinier version of the pitcher plant inside a bowl.  I don't know if it's alive though, but how can they do that?

I found them in the gift shop in Gardens by the Bay, where you'll also find the cutest ways to plant your plants.  Everything in that shop is so fucking cute!  Their creativity is quite fascinating!  But I guess even if I had money, enough money to buy one of those, I cannot guarantee that I can take good care of them.  They're so tiny, and very fragile, I assume.

But you know what also made me say WOW in the most ridiculous way? is seeing one of this..

photo credit to http://chiclaunches.com/
I think I was too distracted by their cuteness, I wasn't able to take a picture of them.  And I do think that having one of this in your house would be better than having a cat.  I can't believe I said that.  But I do think you can not have this and have a cat at the same time.

But do you know where this tiny door leads to?