We had a few hours to spend scouring every stalls, every shops, every products they have before our flight.  I found the cutest vegetable magnets in a reasonable price.  I'm not a fan ref magnets, but how can you say no to a mushroom, tomatoes, and ginger which were beautifully crafted.. they looked real in my eyes.  I have no photos of them though, and two of them were already broken.. that's why I'm not a fan of ref magnets.

But I do have this shot which I wasn't able to share before.  I took it while we were waiting for the rain to stop, and while they're haggling for something.  I stood under this tent which I don't know if strong enough to handle the rain, but I had no any other option.

China Town Kuala Lumpur

The rain stopped and they're still bargaining over some things and I saw this couple and I thought I'll shoot them instead.  But how did we nearly miss the plane, you ask?