Genting, they said, is one of the coldest parts in Malaysia.  I was also told that it's colder than Baguio and Benguet, so they advised me to bring a thick jacket, thick long sleeve shirts, and leggings and a pair of shoes which I don't have.  Yeah, I only had my usual flip flops and sandals.. they were laughing at me, actually.. but what can I do?  That's all I have.  But I had to see for myself to agree.

It's not.

I've arrived in Baguio at 4 or 5 in the morning, same time we arrived in Genting.  It's nothing compared to how cold Baguio is, especially in the morning.  I had to layer clothing to survive in Baguio with a really thick jacket, a thick sweatshirt and a shirt underneath.  It actually felt like I had to add more and/or double my pants but I wouldn't be able to move freely if I did that.  While in Genting, I was only wearing a long sleeve shirt and a shirt underneath, and of course a pair of pants( I figured I should mention I was also wearing my pants).  I don't know if I'm used to cold weather, but it really wasn't that cold.. but it's foggy.

Genting Malaysia