young girl at Gardens by the Bay

This young girl reminds me of some local celebrity.. a very young version of her.  I caught her running around our backs while we're resting from exploring the whole garden.. playing around.  Her dad was calling her while I was shooting her, so I backed away, but the little girl came back.  I think she liked being photographed. or maybe she just loves to play around.

Another young and beautiful is this young girl on her bike with her dad at her back keeping up with her.  I've shared this many times before but I just love this shot that much you might still find her in my future posts.
biker girl in Singapore

But this young man right here is actually the main subject for the title.

Gardens by the Bay

We were walking opposite to them when I took this one.  I think I was very lucky that his mom let me pass without confronting me about shooting them.  After that I kind of stopped shooting people in their faces.