We used to have dogs, aside from cats, we had dogs.  But I think my family was more attached to dogs than cats before.  It's just me who give them that much love and importance.  But a few weeks ago, I saw this cute little creature.. well he's not that little, but he's really cute, and he seems lost although his family's house is just beside our house.  He's our neighbor's dog.  Our loud neighbor.

Or maybe I wanna think that he's lost so I could carry him inside and never let him go.  I know that's a crime, but who could think straight if you see something like this wonderful fella in front of you and being so cuddly and look at those huge eyes!  His/her eyes are talking to me like "take me, I'm yours."  But I thought of Shadow.. he's not going to like this competition over fur.  He knows he doesn't have the finest and shiniest fur anymore, and he might claw this cutie's big eyes out.

So okay, I left him and I went inside but he didn't move.  He stayed where he was, like he's really lost. This dog is such a baby.