photo credit to louiejm
The rain just looks nice when you're staring at it at your window.  But when you're out and you're supposed to go somewhere and the rain never stops, you're going to curse the nature for making you hate the thing you used to love the most.

The walks under the rain?  I can't remember the time I enjoyed it (except when I was younger).  Why is that?  Because whenever I do walk under the rain, I always or mostly end up soaking wet, and sick.

I'm so sorry for those who loves walking under the rain, playing and dancing with your umbrellas and boots, but me and rain are just over.  But I do think there's still something we both could enjoy.. the music that could just be right for this kind of weather.  yeah.. sort of like, the sweater weather.

rainy mood playlist by nevetessa on Grooveshark