pretty in pink

Aside from failing from learning roller blades and cursing its existence, I also tried learning to how to ride a bike.  But as I remember, it was my cousin and my brother who forced me to learn it because almost everyone in town knows how to and I don't!  Well, I think my mom can't.  I haven't seen her ride a bike before.  Also, I kinda run fast when I was younger... sooo it wasn't of any use to me and I was really bad at balancing and it was really kinda scary.

So when I fell and got bruises and scratches, I got mad at my cousin and my brother and told them not to show me that damn bike ever!

But this wasn't that bike.

I caught this in the entrance of a small resort in Bataan.
There's nothing much I can say about the bike and the dog though, except for they look so cute together; the guard and the owner's bike.

I do ride bikes now, but with a sidecar. hihi 

(don't judge me)