I didn't realize how Filipinos look a lot like Malaysians.  We were asked by our taxi driver in Singapore if we came from Malaysia, and I responded immediately "no, we're from the Philippines", smiling back at him.  He said, there are a lot of Malaysians going to Singapore, he thought we're one of them.

That taxi driver speaks english really well, and we never had problems with asking for directions in Singapore because most people speaks english really well.. except that one time on the bus.

There was an old Chinese woman who talked to me in straight Chinese.  We were going home, I mean to my brother's house, kind of tired from exploring the Universal Studios (which was a free ride btw), when an old Chinese woman asked if she could grab on the handle in front of me because she barely could stand while our bus was flying.

Actually, the bus wasn't really flying.  The driver's just got a really bad driving skills.  Is it a requirement for bus drivers?  I barely have had encountered fine bus drivers.. oh, except for that one in Sagada.. I will never forget that trip, and he really was a very responsible driver.  Thank you, manong!

Okay, so the old Chinese woman talked to me in Chinese and I didn't know what to say, but I think I knew what she was saying.  I just thought she was thanking me for letting her grab on the bar for her to stand firmly.  But you know what, I replied "yes", or was that "ok"?  And I can see the sincerity on her face; she was smiling at me, and I was smiling back at her, but then she kept on talking in Chinese and I just looked away.  I didn't know what to do!

Apparently, she's with the other two people standing beside us and she was talking to them.  I was standing awkwardly between the three of them, so I went for the other handle to grab on.. trying my best not to fall, and in front of a cute kid, I've found a refuge.

Later on, Ate Mai (my brother's wife) told us that we could be mistaken for being Malaysians because we, Filipinos, do look like them.  I remember in high school, our History teacher said they are our closest ancestry. She also told us (Ate Mai) that it's normal for Chinese to talk to you in Chinese and Malaysians to talk to you in Bahasa because.. I don't know.. maybe that's their way of saying "you must learn our language".

On the train going back to Kuala Lumpur to finish off the tour before heading back to our headquarters and going back to reality.. I was trying to open the toilet; it was locked.  I've asked for a few Malaysians' help, who were also passengers, to help me unlock the door because the door knob looked weird to me, I might have just been doing it wrong, but when they tried, it was confirmed, the bathroom door was indeed locked.  I went back to my seat and waited for a staff to pass by and ask for his help.

Finally, one of the crew passed by straight to where the toilet was.  I went after him, and immediately asked for his help.  I was expecting him to respond to me in english, but my mouth was left open when he talked to me in Bahasa.  *sigh*

The toilet incident ended when I finally got to talk to an-english speaking passenger who was standing next to the toilet having a cigarette, and told me that there was an available toilet on the other coaches.. about 2 coaches from ours.

Thank you, man, you are such a blessing!

I think I went back and forth to that said toilet about five times for a chance to get some help.  It was an 8 hour trip, and there's no way I could hold that long.  I will lose my sanity if I pee in my pants.. like how Sims cry like a baby when they pee in their pants.. especially in a party.

In KL Sentral, I dropped by the money changer and I was asking the guy about where I could find another money changer, when this other Malaysian guy came to my aid and talked to me in Bahasa.

I really appreciate his help, his intention, but we're both looking frustrated at trying to understand each other, so I just said "thank you, but I really don't understand", and walked away.

But in all fairness, I/we never encountered mean people in the streets anywhere we went; in KL or in SG, but you still must be cautious, especially in Kuala Lumpur.  It's no different in Manila, I think it's no different in anywhere in the world.  I think you just need to be aware of the people around you, and be aware of their actions.  Also, you need to respect their culture and their religion, and be nice to them, and remember that you are just a visitor.