They said we must not leave Singapore without trying the chili crab in Makansutra Gluttons Bay, and satay at Satay by the Bay, and I was like "suuuuure, your treat?!" he chuckled, which kinda means, "in your dreams" "no, seriously, you must try it." he added.

My brother was our official tour guide/financier which he both performed perfectly well.  I actually still have to pay him.. hmm next month, I will.

He said the place gets crowded easily so we had to get there early to get a nice spot.  We found our spot and people started to occupy each table just a few moments after we ordered.

Makansutra Gluttons Bay

That guy above was the first person I noticed when we got there, and he was eating the huge plate of chili crab all by himself.  He was eating that mountain of huge chili crabs all by himself.  The plate was actually big enough to serve 4-5 people of normal sizes.  I wasn't judging him.  I was concerned about his health.. we all were.

After enjoying our own large plate of chili crab and fried rice, sambal kangkong, crunchy squid, and my favorite prawns, prawns in cereals, my brother brought something sweet that looked familiar.  It's like their own version of halo halo in the Philippines.. Iced Kachang!

iced kachang

It's nice, but I love our halo halo more.  :>