That's just ridiculous, isn't it??  Last year or so, I was looking for a photo and video sharing website to replace Flickr because I already reached the limit for a free subscriber.  They used to have this limit of 200 images.  Although you can still upload as many as you want, but the rest of your photos won't be showed on your sets.
You still can access them if you have the urls, but you won't be able to find them on your folder/sets.  I understand that, so I searched for an alternative, and I found Ipernity.. and I liked it.  I liked it more when Flickr decided to change skin, now I don't care anymore if they kinda look like Pinterest.  They upgraded my account to one gigantic memory which I don't know if I could fill.  

So I registered to Ipernity and uploaded my photos; those which I can not upload to Flickr during those times.  I actually also tried Photobucket, but Ipernity looks closer to Flickr, the then Flickr.  But after that huge announcement which started as a christmas gift, the glorious days of my life started.  I know my photos aren't that fancy, but I love them.

Later last year, some idiots reformatted my hard drive.. it was supposed to be just the partition.  That was like the end of my life.. but I thought of my online accounts, so one by one I retrieved them.  I was back to Flickr then, so there's no problem on that, I can access my photos any time.. but Ipernity.  I never read any rules and regulations, who does that?  So I tried everything, I even tweeted them about it.. after a few months I remember retrieving my photos again because I noticed that some are still missing.  So I sent them a message, a nice one.. but they replied (which I totally anticipated) that I need to subscribe to their club to get a full access of my own photos.. for at least $10.  Why would I fucking do that???

I had to find a way, so I explored the website, every tiny details that could lead me to downloading my stuff.. then I remember, it's just easy.. except, if that is also protected.  But I guess it's my lucky day.  So I replied to the staff "never mind" and wished him a nice day.

Quirino bridge, Ilocos Norte