Nothing really!!  Except for some unforgettable and quite remarkable scenes in Alaminos as well as in Bolinao.

I'll start with how disappointing the transactions were with the boatmen for our island hopping tour.  The tricycle driver who gave us a helping hand sent us to this establishment where we could hire a boat.  We were given a list of tour packages they offer; from the size of boats to the number of islands to visit.. all of which corresponds with a certain price, which were a bit pricey in my opinion.  We chose the small boat with only 3 islands to visit because that's only what we can afford (that's how small our budget was).  But the guy who was in-charged told us that a small boat can not fit us all.. even if two of us were small? the kid and I?  alright, fine.  "We'll go with the medium-sized boat, and 3 islands" is what we told him.
He doesn't seem so happy about that.  So he told us that there were no more medium-sized boats available.. he should have told us earlier, right?  He then added that only large boats and small boats were available.  "Are you fucking kidding me?" is what I told him in my mind.  Everyone's pissed by this man's undeniably good tactics.  You could imagine our faces as this scene was happening in a hot summer noon.  Unsatisfied with our response, he then left going to.. I don't know, he just left.
Oh, he suggested that we go to the Municipal Office if I remember it right, and present our receipt but we might not be given the boat we want, because there was no more left he added.. we were actually ready to do that and take our chances if he just showed us where.

A few moments later, the tricyle driver who sent us to that damned place confirmed that the boat we want was not available, so we could only go for the large boat.  This transaction is going nowhere good.

Another guy talked to us, he's the owner of that large boat they were forcing on us.  He said this and that blah blah blah and left.  The first guy returned with the same mocking face and again told us bull shit so we just agreed to their offer; this nonsense has eaten a lot of our time and we're all baked under the sun for almost an hour.  Fuck it, let's just get this done, and move on.

Alaminos Pangasinan

We were escorted to our boat.. it does look big, but not big enough, so we need to confirm if that was our boat, he then said, "it's a medium-sized boat".  Wow. just wow!  This one is a different guy, and he's our tour guide/boat man for the rest of the day.  He seems a little quiet though, very different from all the other boatmen/tour guide we had encountered.  He did mention the names of the islands we passed by.. the cruise was fine, until we reached the end of our tour which was the Cuenco Island.

Cuenco Island at Hundred Islands

Cuenco Island at Hundred Islands

Cuenco Island at Hundred Islands

It did seem like we're just passing by when Vanessa immediately asked our dear boatman if we could land on that.  I think he can't wait to ditch us on his fucking boat.  Well at least he was kind enough to escort us to step off safely.. my arm kind of scratched from an accidental slip in Lopez Island from boarding.

Everything went well after Cuenca, and we then head back to the port to pay.. we even thought of paying the right amount indicated on their list with the boat we had.  It rained hard so we gotta run!  But hey, we did pay.. properly.  We were soaking wet so we decided to just hit the bus going back to Bolinao.. no driver would let us get in their van in that kind of state.  It took us more than an hour I think before we got to Bolinao, where "our man", the tricycle driver was patiently waiting.  Now, this is not a special treatment, it's like he's owning us.. and it's not cute.

Going back to Bing's.. I think we let the air conditioner on when we left, but still, only one corner of the room was cold, the headboard.  Everyone's excited to take a bath, but the first and second didn't notice that the water's gross, like eww.. but it didn't smell.  There's no question of being maarte here, alright?  I saw it myself when it was my turn, and I actually thought they were just over reacting, but no, the water is a bit dark, with particles in it.. something like burnt leaves from a burnt tree, if you've seen a forest fire, the sky will fall some things like that.  You know what they call that in Tagalog? "alipato".  That's it.  So moving on..

I waited and let the water flow, but it was really dirty.. even the water coming from the sink.  So there's a pail, I filled it water, dirty water, and I just waited for more minutes to let the dirt sink and those floating I scooped out.. and voilĂ ! next!!

The water got worse they said, so those 2 remaining went straight to the lady-in-charged.. and took a shower in the mansion.  The water issue was fixed, but the aircon wasn't.. so we asked for an electric fan, but I guess they don't have one..  so.  Our amusement didn't stop from all the issues Bing's had provided us; when we asked for a water pitcher and some glasses, what the lady responded was "I'm sorry, but they're all being used by other guests."  What the fuck are we???

I think it all started from the discount request, but that they didn't give us.. or did they?  But still, this is not right!  A few moments passed, she came to us with all the things we requested (except for the electric fan) and apologized and told us that she's the only person in charged, and that they're packed that time. hooray!!  Apology accepted.

Bolinao Pangasinan

Now the beach.. we were forced to stay at Bing's the next day because the budget didn't let us to go anywhere.  The other guests were enjoying the water so I thought it wasn't that bad at all, but there were seaweeds aaaaaand it's too rocky.. and it's not cool.  We saw some people on the far most part of the beach where they meet some nice waves, apparently that part too is shallow.  I actually thought of going there but the path is too rocky and some are a bit sharp, so never mind.  A few hours later, we bid our goodbyes to the lady at Bing's and promised not to be back.

..Why not?  What went wrong??

Bing's Bolinao Pangasinan

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